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SPR # TSUA6FQ838Fixed in 7.0.1; 6.5.5 release

Product Area: Server Technical Area: Install/Setup/Registration Platform: iSeries

SPR# TSUA6FQ838 - For iSeries, changed the cfp key container file from server.ini to cfpkey.ini.

Technote Number: 1217500

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPRs# TSUA6FQ838 and
LMIR6MG5JF. The issue is addressed in two parts.

The first part is represented by SPR# TSUA6FQ838, which is fixed in Domino
6.5.5 and 7.0.1. This part of the fix is a preparation step for Fix Packs going
forward; specifically, a change was made so that the code checks the cfpkey.ini
file rather than the server.ini file for needed information during fix pack

Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Domino Release 6.5.5 MR fix list (available at

SPR# TSUA6FQ838 - For iSeries, changed the cfp key container file from
server.ini to cfpkey.ini.

The second part of the fix is represented by SPR# LMIR6MG5JF, and is fixed in
Domino 6.5.5 Fix Pack 1 (FP1) and 7.0.1 Fix Pack 1 (FP1). This part creates the
cfpkey.ini file in the fix pack, which provides the Fix Pack with the ability
to be installed either before or after a language pack install.

Excerpt from the Lotus Domino Release 6.5.5 Fix Pack 1 and 7.0.1 Fix Pack 1
fix lists (available at

SPR# LMIR6MG5JF - On the iSeries platform, a Fix Pack can now be installed
before or after a language pack.

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

Supporting Information:

The information below applies to maintenance releases and Fix Packs prior to
release 6.5.5.

The normal procedure to install Fix Packs and Language Packs is outlined below:

How Do I Install a Fix Pack over Language Packs?
Server Fix Packs are language-independent. Fix Packs and Language Packs may be
installed in any order on most Domino platforms.
Base product installation: The base product, for example Domino 6.5.4, is
installed first, either as a new installation or an upgrade.
Language Pack installation: One or more Language Packs may be installed over
the base installation.
Fix Pack installation: Fix Packs may be installed as they are available.
Language Pack installation: Additional Language Packs may be installed, or the
default server language replaced.

Fix Packs for Domino 6.5.4 iSeries require Language Packs to be installed
before Fix Packs.

If a Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack for iSeries has been installed, a later Domino 6.5.4
Language Pack installation will fail in InstallShield with a message similar to
the following:

"Language Pack has successfully checked Domino Information. The Domino server
version is Release 6.5.4FP2. The Lotus Domino Language Pack Installer supports
version Release 6.5.4 (Release 6.5.4|March 27). Please upgrade this server to
the supported version, then restart the Lotus Domino Language Pack Installer.
Please check LPLog.txt for details..."

For example, the following installation order on the iSeries platform will not
Install Domino 6.5.4 iSeries.
Install Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack iSeries.
Install Domino 6.5.4 Language Pack.

Installation of the Language Pack will fail due to version mismatch.

To recover from this problem on iSeries, or to install additional Domino 6.5.4
Language Packs, use this sequence:
Run the Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack installation again to uninstall all Fix Packs.
Install the Domino 6.5.4 Language Pack.
Reinstall the latest Domino 6.5.4 Fix Pack (only the latest, since they are
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Last Modified on 03/03/2010

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